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United Kingdom

Who was William Wallace? A Scottish patriot from the 13th century who led the Scottish revolt against the English occupation of Scotland. He was born near Glasgow and was assassinated there. The film Braveheart is about him.

Do you know where the largest international theatre festival is held? Every summer, the population of Edinburgh doubles as it welcomes performers and spectators for the large number of shows which are performed in its theatres, streets and squares.

What is a Geordie? People from Newcastle are known as Geordies in the rest of the country and are famous for their strong personalities. Partly this comes from their pride in the glory days of their industrial past. That was the age when one out of four boats built in the whole world came out of their shipyards.

What is special about the port in Liverpool? The quays stretch for 12 km. In the 19th century it was the main departure port for people who were emigrating to the United States, not only from England but also from Scandinavia and Germany.

Where do many of your favourite pop groups come from? Manchester's brilliant musical past has given us groups like The Smiths, Oasis, The Stone Roses and New Order, to name a few.

Do you like chocolate? Birmingham is the birthplace of one of the most famous brands of chocolate in the world. You can visit Cadbury World where you can learn about how chocolate is made and the history of this factory whose products are known around the world.

What are the Cardiff Dragons? Rugby is the national sport of Wales and its capital Cardiff. The Cardiff Dragons is the nickname given to the players of the Welsh rugby team.

What is the boat race held on the Thames? Oxford and Cambridge are world-famous universities and their longstanding rivalry which sees them face each other each year in the time-honoured boat race is also famous.

How many theatres are there in London? Around 100. London is one of the world's leading cities in theatre.

United States

Do you know which city in the world has the most universities? Boston has over 50 and is known for its European feel and a vibrant mix of commercial, social and cultural activity. The Yankee Stadium is where the famous baseball team, the Red Sox, is based.

What do you know about the Statue of Liberty? The statue, which is the essential icon of New York, is actually called 'Liberty Enlightening the World' and was a gift from France to the United States as a symbol of the friendship between the two countries to mark the centenary of America's Declaration of Independence.

Which is the city known as the Windy City? Chicago is the third largest city in the United States and it lies on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Which is the highest city in the United States? Denver is seen as the real side of America and is only about two hours away from one of the world's most striking natural monuments: the Rocky Mountains.

Which city do you need to be in to visit Alcatraz prison? The Rock, the nickname given to the island where the world's most famous prison can be found, lies in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. The city is also famous for the Golden Gate Bridge which was built in 1937.

Do you know why Hollywood is where it is? Hollywood is in Los Angeles. Film producers started moving there because of its many, long sunshine-filled days. In those days, there was no electricity yet so they depended on natural light for filming.

Which is the gambling capital? Las Vegas has made history as an entertainment paradise where its nearly 40 million annual visitors lose thousands of millions of dollars in its casinos. Not for nothing is its motto 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas'.

Next in the series

Next month you can read about special British and American celebrations.

A Spanish language version of the text above is available in the 'Guía Cultural' section of Macmillan Diccionario Pocket, a brand-new bilingual English-Spanish/Spanish-English dictionary.
Spanish text written by Paz Blanco Castro
Translated into English by Sinda Lopez