Macmillan Essential Dictionary (American)

American English

Macmillan Essential Dictionary

A perfect reference for intermediate learners of American English, to use in the classroom and at home.

Book Code: ISBN - 9780333992128




  • Two-color dictionary and CD-ROM for intermediate learners – over 45,000 headwords, phrases and phrasal verbs, with 36,000 examples showing how words are used in a wide variety of situations
  • Special emphasis on contemporary vocabulary, such as computer language and colloquial language

Easy to use

  • Clear, simple definitions use just over 2,300 of the most common words, making the dictionary fully accessible to intermediate learners
  • Menus in entries with five or more senses guide you straight to the meaning you want
  • The 3,500 most important words to learn at this level are highlighted in red and graded for frequency of use, helping you to focus on the key vocabulary for writing and speaking English with confidence and accuracy


  • Hundreds of help boxes, containing grammar, vocabulary and usage notes, provide more help in understanding the language than any equivalent dictionary
  • 24-page Language Study section, on key areas such as pronunciation, collocation and wordbuilding, helps to broaden and develop your vocabulary
  • Over 700 illustrations throughout aid understanding, with 16 pages of full-color drawings and photographs for topic and vocabulary work


You can hear the pronunciation of every word in both American and British English, and practice difficult words with the Sound Search function. Used in ‘Quick’ mode, the CD-ROM can give you instant meanings while reading documents and emails or surfing the internet.

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