Macmillan English Dictionary American English Edition – Language Awareness

The Language Awareness pages are designed to give up-to-date information on topics that are relevant to everyone who has any interest in the way the English language is being used at the beginning of the 21st century. They have all been written by people who are experts in their field; indeed, most of the authors have published more detailed work, which you might like to read if you find these pages interesting.

They are intended to give you a deeper understanding of such areas as Spoken Discourse, Metaphor, and Pragmatics, all of which are crucial for users of the English language.

Our aim is to encourage you to think about the language, and to realize what an exciting tool it is when you can use it with confidence. There is a lot of food for thought on these pages, and teachers will find there is plenty of scope in these topics for classroom activities and discussion.

The Language Awareness section includes articles on:
Phrasal Verbs
Academic English (Averil Coxhead)
College Composition (Christopher Gallagher and Anne McCabe)
Metaphor (Rosamund Moon)
Computer Words (Ingrid Meyer)
Pragmatics (Joanna Channell)
Spoken Discourse (Michael Hoey)
Sensitivity (Susan Stempleski)
American and British English (D. R. McCreary)
Business English (Howard Middle)
Word Formation

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