MED CD-ROM Network Edition: Upgrades & Technical Support

Thank you for buying the second edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary Network CD-ROM.

Increasing the number of users

If you wish to increase the number of licenses so that more users can use MED on your network, please contact us and include this information:

  • the name and address of your institution
  • the version number and ISBN on the label of your CD-ROM
  • the number of licences that you already have
  • the number of extra licences that you require
  • the name of your usual Macmillan representative, if you have one

We will then contact you to confirm the price and arrangements for payment.

Please note that the licenses are for concurrent or simultaneous users. For example, if you have 100 computers on your network, but only 20 people use the dictionary at the same time, you only need a license for 20 users.

Solving problems

If you have experienced problems with the installation to your server or to end-user computers on your network, please check that you have read thoroughly the system requirements and installation instructions in the printed user guide.

If you have successfully installed the software but you are experiencing problems when operating it, please check the operating instructions in the printed user guide or in the Help menu of the software.

If you have followed the instructions precisely and still have a problem, please refer to the Questions & Answers below. If these do not provide a solution, please contact us and include this information:

  • the version number, impression number and ISBN on the label of your CD-ROM
  • the versions of Windows on your server and end-user computers
  • the place where you bought the CD-ROM

Questions & Answers

I need useful advice about getting the maximum benefit from my CD-ROM. Can you help me?
You should read MED Magazine, which is intended to help you get the most from your CD-ROM. For more information about MED Magazine, please click here.

Is there a Macintosh or Linux version of the CD-ROM?
There are no plans to produce a Macintosh or Linux version at the moment. If this is very important to you, please contact us and explain why, so that we can consider your comments when we review our policy.

Can I hear British and American English pronunciation on the MED CD-ROM?
Yes you can! The MED CD-ROM contains the British and American English pronunciation of every word in the Macmillan English Dictionary. Find out how to take full advantage of your CD here.

How do I turn off the automatic pronunciation?
To turn off the automatic pronunciation replay, click on My MED in the main menu, then click on Automatic pronunciation replay to remove the tick from the box.

Can I have only one pronunciation turned on?
Yes, you can. To select this option, click on Options in the main menu, then click on Display second recorded pronunciation to remove the tick from the box.

How is the CD-ROM different from the printed dictionary?
The CD-ROM allows you to look up words more quickly and search for words according to one or many criteria. It also makes it possible to put together wordlists and revise vocabulary.

Does the CD-ROM include everything that appears in the printed dictionary?
Yes, absolutely everything, plus thousands of recorded pronunciations, hundreds of sound clips and weblinks, and dozens of maps!


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