Other Macmillan Dictionaries

  • Macmillan Study Dictionary

    Macmillan Study Dictionary (for Africa)

    Level: Upper Intermediate

    The Macmillan Study Dictionary is completely relevant to the needs of young people who are studying in English and preparing for examinations. It explains – clearly and accurately – the vocabulary needed for successful study in any of the key school subjects.

  • Macmillan Primary Dictionary

    Macmillan Primary Dictionary (for Africa)

    Level: Upper Primary (Africa)

    The Macmillan Primary Dictionary is an illustrated English dictionary created specially for upper primary school pupils in Africa.

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  • Campaign Military Dictionary

    Campaign Military Dictionary

    Level: Essential English for Peacekeeping

    The Campaign Dictionary of Military Terms provides clear definitions of over 6,000 British, American and international military vocabulary.

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  • Children's Dictionary

    Macmillan Children’s Dictionary

    Level: Elementary

    The Macmillan Children’s Dictionary is a beautifully illustrated photographic picture dictionary for use alongside any children’s course.

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  • Picture Dictionary

    Macmillan Picture Dictionary

    Level: Elementary

    This colourful dictionary is the ideal first dictionary for children aged 7 to 12. Includes 550 colourfully illustrated headwords and a 24-page section of thematic pictures.

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