Technical Support and FAQs

Most common problems and updates

Most problems affecting any Macmillan dictionary CD-ROM can be fixed with our update wizard. To run the wizard, please click here and follow the instructions.

The most recent versions of Macmillan’s CD-ROM dictionaries have been updated and thoroughly tested on the various different versions of Windows Vista. However, we regret that the Macmillan Essential Dictionary, Macmillan School Dictionary, and the Macmillan English Dictionary 1st Edition are not compatible with 64-bit Vista. It is unlikely that you will experience problems with 32-bit Vista, but if you do, please check that you have Administrator Rights for your computer, or ask your IT department for assistance.

If you have version 2.0.0702 of the Macmillan English Dictionary CD-ROM, you can update it to version 2.1.0706 to ensure compatibility with Windows Vista. Please click here to run the update.

If you experience problems with Internet Explorer after installing a Macmillan dictionary, please click here to download and run an update.

If you have version 2.0.0702 or 2.1.0706 of the Macmillan English Dictionary CD-ROM and you have a problem with searching when you first use the software after starting windows, please click here to run an update that will fix the problem.

Knowledgebase and customer support

If you still have problems after updating your software, please consult our Knowledgebase, but if you cannot find an answer to your question, contact us and include this information: the version number, impression number and ISBN on the label of your CD-ROM, the version of your Windows operating system, and where you bought the CD-ROM.

For support with Macmillan Dictionary Online, please click here.

Anti-virus and firewall programs

Macmillan Dictionary software is guaranteed to be free of viruses and other threats. If your anti-virus or firewall program mistakenly reports a threat, please add your Macmillan CD to the exclusions, so that it is ignored.

Copyright and verification

Macmillan CD-ROMs are copyright. Copying is prohibited. Any attempt to copy the CD-ROM will violate the licence agreement, invalidate the warranty, and cancel your entitlement to customer service and technical support.

Each Macmillan CD must be inserted in the CD-ROM drive once every 30 days for verification purposes, so please keep your CD close at hand. For the final seven of these 30 days you will be prompted to insert the CD each time you open the application.

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