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The Macmillan English Dictionary is clearly a big success in the classroom… I think people are all sold on the idea. Teachers are doing well to make their use a natural part of proceedings and teachers who have worked here before are commenting that they’re seeing electronic dictionaries less than ever…

Steve Kirk - Course Director, Durham University Language Centre, UK

I’m very busy studying English, for my CAE exam …. So I use the dictionary almost on a daily basis. It never disappoints me. I showed it in my English class last week. They were all very excited. After my exam I have to make a presentation in English for a nursing congress in Athene, after that I start at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, so I will be using the MED a lot in the near future.

Conny van Velden - Student, University of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

I would like to advise anyone who needs an English-English dictionary, especially an advanced one, to buy Macmillan‘s latest edition with CD-ROM. It’ll be a great help to them as it is really a perfect one.

Eren Öztürk - English Lecturer, English Preparation Class, Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey

The Macmillan English Dictionary is easy to use, packed with vital information…, and written with great clarity. It represents the cutting edge of dictionary-making and is both a brilliant piece of research and a superb learning and teaching tool.

Professor Michael Hoey - Dean of the Faculty of Arts, University of Liverpool, UK

Firstly, I might say that the MED has been borrowed by most of the teachers in my staffroom and they’ve all commented positively on it, so it’s become the de facto office dictionary. I had to write my name on the inside cover to claim ownership! The foreword and introduction are very helpful and I’ve used the “Using your Dictionary” page to help explain how to use a dictionary to a group of students.

Michael Secomb - English Teacher, Thailand


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