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It’s a pretty difficult task writing a review of sorts on a dictionary, especially one that contains as many words as the new International Student Edition of the Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners. Wow, wasn’t that a mouthful. But trust me, just about every word you can think of is in there.

Charles Anthony - English Teacher, Thailand

Congratulations on a fabulous new edition of the MED! I feel very proud for having been invited to make a small contribution to it. It really looks great and I’m finding it very easy to convince my colleagues to … recommend [it] to their students.

Professor Frank Boers - University of Antwerp, Belgium

I really enjoyed your informative talk in Graz and I’d like to give you a short feedback on my recent experience with your dictionary. I’ve finished correcting the last test in my “Maturaklasse”. I must say that I’ve never spent so little time on looking up strange phrases and words my students use before. The dictionary is really well-structured and I could get information quickly.

Susanne Podrepschek - BG/BRG Kapfenberg, Austria

I love the Macmillan Dictionary because it loves English.

Justyna Kiedos - Facebook, What's your English?

I love the Macmillan Dictionary because I can trust it.

Nelli Porseva - Facebook, What's your English?


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