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  • Dictation activity – tradition

    • Macmillan English Dictionary
    • Upper Intermediate
    • author: Lindsay Clandfield

    Traditionally, the Queen of England is also head of state in Australia, but in the past 20 years that convention has increasingly been called into question. This dictation looks at the arguments for and against the monarchy, asking students to listen to and transcribe a short text, before exploring vocabulary relating to communication and correct use of the definite article the. Please click on the buttons below the definition of the headword to download the Audio File, Script and Teacher’s Notes.

    Level: Upper Intermediate or above
    Time: The audio clip is only about 1 minute long, so you can just use this as language practice for your class. If you decide to complete all of the activities outlined in the Teacher’s Notes, the entire exercise will take one hour.

    Audio File 1.47mb Download
    Script 0.06mb Download
    Teacher's Notes 0.16mb Download
    Glossary 0.04mb Download


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