Drag and Drop: American Sports (American Football)

Improve your sporting vocabulary with the help of the Macmillan English Dictionary.

The dictionary contains 16 pages of full-colour illustrations, giving you an instant visual definition for hundreds of everyday words. The activity below is based on the pages devoted to American football. To make the colour appear, simply drag the verbs from the centre to their corresponding pictures. Originally published in MED Magazine.

Language Study Game


  • What's a 'swing state', and why is it also called a 'purple state'? @LizPotter55 on our US election word of the week https://t.co/AvWNSwyBOh

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  • US election word of the week is 'swing state', aka 'battleground' or 'purple state'. @LizPotter55 explains the terms https://t.co/AvWNSwyBOh

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