MED Magazine

MED Magazine

MED Magazine is the unique webzine of Macmillan English Dictionaries. It provides useful and interesting articles and resources designed to help you and your students succeed in the English language-learning arena.

This web magazine combines regular columns with feature articles on a wide range of language-related topics. A comprehensive index gives easy access to the full content of the webzine.


  • articles on issues such as Language Interference, Study Skills and Language Awareness
  • guidance on how to get the most out of the Macmillan English Dictionary range
  • responses by a team of experts to questions about language posed by you and your students
  • reviews of interesting publications
  • guides to useful websites
  • an entertaining look at popular neologisms

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  • Portmanteau words, though often short-lived, are a common source of new vocabulary. We've looked at them a few times

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  • Swooshtika, flashpacking, moobs, swaption – have we reached 'peakmanteau'?

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